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My yoga journey started…years ago. I still remember my first class like it was yesterday. The pressure, the aching, thinking is this for me?! I honestly hated it. For a long time, I was trying to understand why everyone loves yoga. When I went to my first class I thought to myself, ‘I should feel better after. But the reality was that I left the class even more frustrated. At this point in my life, I was not in the right space.


My energy was very stagnant, almost like something had to change, but I was seeking external help, without even knowing that the change begins within me. 


A few years down the road I faced a traumatic event and I came to the point that I had to resolve my buried feelings and work on myself. Being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and panic attacks, not knowing where to begin, did certainly push me to make a drastic change in my life. I went on a solo trip to Asia for a couple of months to take a step back, breath, and just be.


I was fortunate enough to have met my friends in Cambodia where they had booked a Yoga Retreat and invited me to join. The space, the time, the teachers, everything was just right. I loved every moment of it. It seemed like all I had heard about yoga before was not enough or perhaps I was not ready to take this journey at the time. I was emotionally drained. All I wanted was a quiet place, healthy food, a few yoga and meditation classes, and a good night's sleep.


But why was my yoga experience this time so different from what I had experienced before? It seemed like I had reached a part of my life where I was ready to take that step of self-discovery. I had been told that -“When the time comes, the right teacher will appear”. Soon after coming back from my trip I booked myself to a few yoga classes and began my transformational journey towards something magical. Looking back now, believe it or not, the only medicines I took for my anxiety and panic attacks were yoga and meditation. 

My lesson: All these experiences have shown me that even in your darkest times, the sun will come up, shining like never before. Today I am a qualified 200 hours – Vinyasa flow teacher and I am continuing to share the love of yoga with my students and teachers, and the impact of yoga on the mind, body, and soul.

I value every person who joins my class and I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.




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